recipesThe WAIT TEMPERATURE function allows HotmixHOME to reach and keep the set temperature for a certain time. In this way, the machine starts the countdown only when it reaches that SET temperature.

It is the same concept of boiling water: you wait that the water boils (that is it reaches 100°C) and then you put the pasta in for the time indicated on the package.

In this way, only thanks to HotmixHOME:

  • You will get always perfect results, regardless of the quantity and initial temperature of the ingredients.
  • You can modify the quantity of the ingredients and so adapt every recipe to your needs, sure to get always the same result.
  • You can put the ingredients cold, half-frozen or at room temperature, or equally, you can double/halve the quantity because time doesn’t matter anymore.
  • You can NOT enter the time parameter.